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Testimonial 01

Rocky Mountain Cultures

“Bottleneck is our Bible. I’m on the app all day long and it has increased my productivity ten-fold.”

Carly Van Essen

Supply Chain Manager

Testimonial 02

Rocky Mountain Cultures

“Now my time is used at a higher level. Bottleneck has taken a lot of stress and issues off the floor.”

Jen Holmstrom

Operators Director

Testimonial 03

Rocky Mountain Cultures

“Bottleneck has increased our efficiency and will increase our capacity as we grow.”

Stephanie Kolczak

Director of Finance

Testimonial 04


“Materials planning is a huge pain point for brands. Bottleneck has the perfect solution.”

Griffin Spolansky

Co-founder & CEO of Mezcla

Testimonial 05

Chia Smash

“I started receiving reports from my copackers via Bottleneck and it was a gamechanger!”

Steven Ford


Bottleneck features interconnected modules


Streamline customer relationship management for seamless interactions with clients and partners.


Optimize inventory management to ensure stock availability and minimize waste.

Digital QC

Implement digital quality control measures to maintain product excellence and compliance.


Boost sales performance with comprehensive tools for tracking leads and closing deals.

Cost Management

Track and analyze the cost of goods sold (COGS) to optimize profitability and inform strategic decision-making.


Enhance production processes for increased efficiency and quality control.


Utilize AI-driven MRP to optimize resource allocation and prevent production delays.


Generate detailed reports to analyze performance and make informed decisions.

User Permissions

Control access levels and permissions to safeguard sensitive information.


Foster collaboration and communication with in-app messaging capabilities.


Stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications for critical events and tasks.


Seamlessly connect with third-party systems to enhance functionality and data exchange.


Manage warehouse operations efficiently to ensure timely order fulfillment.


Track and trace products throughout the supply chain for enhanced transparency and compliance.

Collaboration Suite

Empower brands and manufacturers to share information and manage communication effectively.

Recipes & BOMs

Version control ensures accuracy and consistency in product formulations.

Mobile Functionality

Access and manage your supply chain operations anytime, anywhere with mobile-friendly features.

Task Management

Organize and prioritize tasks efficiently to streamline workflow and meet deadlines.

Customizable, interactive charts and dashboards

Dashboard screen

Keep up with financials

Manage your business with a comprehensive view of revenue, costs, productivity, and profitability

Optimize materials planning

Reduce waste and errors with a visual representation of your supply chain and materials requirements.

Streamline procurement

Monitor product quality and ensure compliance with regulatory standards with digital WC management and dashboards.

Version control for all BOMs and Recipes

Collaborate with counterparties and save versions of BOMs

Bottleneck features a fully transparent and secure BOM version control system to ensure that you never go to production with an outdated recipe.

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