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Hooch Booch & Rocky Mountain Cultures

Bottleneck helps kombucha businesses save thousands of hours per year with automation

Learn how some of the fastest-growing, better-for-you beverage companies are trusting Bottleneck to manage their supply chain and operations.

Momofuku Chili Crunch

Bottleneck helps Organic Food Incubators and Momofuku bring you the most unique and delicious spicy-crunchy chili oil to the market.

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Chia Smash

Bottleneck helps Anna and Steve manage their fast-growing superfood jam business with inventory, warehouse, production, and procurement management modules

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Bottleneck empowers companies like Mezcla, who is disrupting the protein bar category with innovation, craft and passion

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Bottleneck helps makers of one of the world’s fastest growing energy drinks ensure quality control and production efficiency.

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See why some of the world’s fastest growing brands trust Bottleneck to manage their supply chain.